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What CLI or configuration files changes are needed to enable a search head to talk to a remote indexer?


I am going to install a search head and a indexer on different boxes, how to configure to enable them to talk to each other, any CLI or configuration file for it? Thanks

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It is not entirely necessary to do this through the GUI; you can manually configure a search peer as follows:

On your Search Head, get a copy of this file:


Also modify this file and add in the new Indexer (it might be in a different location so poke around):


Also get the hostname of the Search Head with this command:


On your Indexer(s), go to this directory:


Create a directory there named with the name of your Search Head's hostname and put the trusted.pem file from the Search Head there.

P.S. This is copied from a related Q&A that I just answered:

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