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Universal Forwarder not connecting to indexer

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OS=Windows Server 2008 SP1 64-bit, Forwarder version = 5.0, Indexer version = 5.0

Windows Firewall = OFF

Scenario = Win VM on same network as Linux VM running the indexer

TcpOutputProc - Cooked connection to ip= timed out

CMConfig - A splunktcp forwarder port is not configured in inputs.conf



defaultGroup = default-autolb-group


server =




host = PIZZA

I don't think i have to configure any port in the inputs.conf file. I already researched that the CMConfig error is a known bug.


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Before rolling back from 5.0.1 put the following entry in the inputs.conf file of your indexer and restart splunk...

Connection_host = none

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Seems like it is a "known issue" with 5.0 but not sure if it affects the functionality of the Forwarder.

"A splunktcp forwarder port is not configured in inputs.conf" error message appears on forwarder/search head/master when it should only appear on the affected slave. (SPL-56019)

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Any chance anyone knows a work around for this, before I uninstall 5.0.1?

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I am receiving the same error.
This is on a Universal Forwarder.

CMConfig - A splunktcp forwarder port is not configured in inputs.conf

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Also, you need to make sure nothing is blocking your ability to get there on the indexer side. I would recommend from the Windows machine trying to telnet 9997 and see if you can connect with that. It is likely there is a iptables firewall on the linux host blocking your connection.


On the indexer(s), you must configure a receiving port in inputs.conf

On the forwarder(s), you must configure the same port in outputs.conf. Also on the forwarder(s), you will need to have inputs.conf to collect the data that will be sent to the indexer(s).

There are more details in the manual at Set up forwarding and receiving.

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