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Universal Forwarder for OSX installed - how is it configured ?

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Hello All,

I have the OSX Universal Forwarder installed on a 10.5 machine and Splunk installed on a server successfully receiving events from two Windows machines.

How do I configure the OSX Forwarder to:

  • Nominate the log files I want monitored.
  • Set the IP address of the server that the Forwarder will send event data too.

I cannot find this specific information in the documentation.


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You need to create the following files:

inputs.conf - to identify the files to be monitored

See for help. You may also need props.conf, but it depends on your inputs. Here is an example that monitors a single syslog log file:


outputs.conf - to tell Splunk where to forward the data. Example:


Note that you have to supply the server ip (or dns name) and the port number where Splunk is listening for forwarded data. See for more info and options.

Put the files in "/Applications/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local" or your equivalent.

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