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Trying to properly format a blacklist for imported files.

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I have configured multiple Data Inputs, pointing at folders such as /mnt/DataInput1 etc. There is a lot of noise so tried following the following links to add a blacklist to the inputs.conf for the input, to restrict junk data such as Level=INFO type linux data.

Example input:
disabled = false
index = customer_XXXX_XXXXXXXX
blacklist = Level="(INFO)"

Unfortunately after several tries, and after making a change, restarting Splunk to see the change, then waiting several hours for the Data Inputs page to queue up the number of files, it still doesn't work.

Can anyone please shed some insight into what I'm doing wrong please?
Ultimately I'd like to do something like:

blacklist = Level="(INFO)"|coderef="(salt*)|"consul)"

Where as you can see above, I want to blacklist =different event types.


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That's not what blacklisting does. The blacklist feature in a monitor statement tells Splunk to ignore any file that matches the given expression. It's often used to skip .gz files, for example.

Filtering certain events within a file is a different feature, which is implemented using transforms. See

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