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I push in splunk a tar.gz file named file.tar.gz.
In this tar.gz file I have several files:

   | - filea
   | - fileb
   | - filec

When splunk consume the tar.gz I loose the file name (I can see only the file.tar.gz file as source field).
the content of filea fileb filec are in the index but not the file name.

I would like to manage the source field with the file name in tar.gz, as following

source:filea instead of file.tar.gz

source:fileb instead of file.tar.gz

source:filec instead of file.tar.gz

Could you please help me please ?

Many thanks.


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IMO, Splunk is showing the correct source.  The data it ingested came from file.tar.gz, not filea, fileb, or filec.

I'm not aware of a setting that will change the behavior.  Consider extracting the tarball to a directory Splunk is monitoring.

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