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Sub search works well in one case but yields no result when sourcetypes are interchanges using join command.


I am trying to join two different sourcetypes on IP address to detect traffic to malicious IP's .
The two sources are -Firewall Logs and Threat Intelligence logs (Malicious IP list).

The query runs fine when I make firewall logs as a sub search and the threat logs as the main search using join command.(i.e. Query A).Using this I am able to get the list for malicious IP's in firewall logs.

But vice versa does not gives any result (i.e. Query B)

(A)-Query Running successfully-
sourcetype="threat_logs" | fields ip_address country | join ip_address type=inner [ search sourcetype="firewalllogs"| fields ip_address Action] | table ip_address Action country | dedup ip_address

(B)Query with No results-
sourcetype="firewalllogs" | fields ip_address Action | join ip_address type=inner [ search sourcetype="threat_logs"| fields ip_address country ] | table ip_address Action country | dedup ip_address

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I don't know if this is a typo in your actual search or only what you've written in your question but in query B you are missing an 'e' from 'firewalllogs'.

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yes,it is a typo.
and those are not actual source types but just a means of representation for sourcetypes.

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