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Splunk timeouts


Hi guys,

We would like to assign role-based timeouts for users for Splunk.

There are a few admin AND non-admin users for whom, we would not like the session to expire by itself.

Are role based or rather, user-specific timeouts possible ?


If not, is there a way to "abolish" timeouts for all users everywhere ?

Based on the research I have done, I believe that it is possible (by setting the uiinactivitytimeout to 1, see below)

Do you all agree with this observation ?


Re: Splunk timeouts

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Based on that answer, I think you are looking for a value for uiinactivitytimeout of less than 1.

From the docs:

If uiinactivitytimeout is set to less than 1, there's no timeout -- the session will stay alive while the browser is open.

I also found this previous answer on the topic:

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