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Splunk receive log question


Dear all,

I am trying to use third party tools to centralize all the log and forward the log to Splunk. Because of some reason, I need to use this third tool instead of Splunk forwarder.

I success to forward the log to Splunk. However, I find there is two host in the log. one of the IP is forwarder IP.

host: <- forwarder IP <- real IP

May I know is it possible to remove the forwarder IP from the log through Splunk?


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I use logstash to forward log to splunk through udp 514. sourcetype is syslog. the following is the sample log

alt text

According to the log, in the host field, there is two value. the upper one is forwarder, the other one is original host ip. All the event have this problem.

So i want to know is it possible to remove the forwarder address through splunk

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I think you'll need to provide a bit more detail on how you get the data in (share relevant parts from your inputs.conf for example, what sourcetype(s) is/are used...) and what the data really looks like before anyone can provide a good answer to that question.

Is the host field multi valued, or do some events get the forwarder IP and other events the original host IP?

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