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Splunk app for Citrix Xen App - forwarding data & Monitoring


I have a windows platform . Splunk universal forwarder is deployed to collect the logs from a Citrix Xen app server.

  1. Do I need to copy the addons from the below location and drop in to Universal Forwarder ? Splunk_Home/etc/apps/SplunkAppForXenApp/appserver/addons

Please advice. Also , without UF is there a way to monitor Citrix XenApp from Splunk ? Similar to modular inputs ?
Suggest a good documentation regarding setting up Splunk app for Citrix Xen App

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes, you do need to copy the addons to your Universal Forwarder.

The TA-XA*-Server addon should go on all your XenApp servers.
The TA-XA*-Broker addon should only go on one server for each farm. If you have a dedicated Zone Data Collector in your XenApp farm, copy the TA-XA*-Broker addon there.

It is possible to monitor XenApp without Universal Forwarders, but I do not recommend doing this unless you are just collecting farm and session information. Collecting process, performance, and ICA latency information is better suited to use with a Universal Forwarder.

There is a folder in the app download called "docs" that contains the documentation.

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