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How can point transforms REGEX parameter in transforms.conf?



I have a created a regex called "ClientDetails" in props.conf and i need two more fields from this extracted field "ClientDetails" , and these fields need to be have MV_ADD feature.

So now how can i define them in transforms.conf


EXTRACT-ClientDetails = [A-Z]{1}\s[A-Z]{1}\s([A-Z]{2})\s?(?<ClientDetails>[^\s\']*)[\s\']
REPORT-userinfo = userinfo


REGEX = \,?(?<UserName>[^(]*)\((?<SectionName>[^)]*)\) in ClientDetails

but this seems to be not workin . can u pls where i am going wrong.

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REGEX does not work with the in sourcefield option (like EXTRACT does). Thus, the 'in ClientDetails' part of your regex is seen as a literal string to be matched. So you probably need to rewrite the regular expression so that it will work for the whole event (_raw).

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