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Splunk and Active Directory


I am currently trying to use Splunk to parse data from our Active Directory. I have currently loaded the Apps:

Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Active Directory 2.1.4
Splunk Supporting Add-On for Active Directory 1.0.0
Splunk Add-on for Microsoft DNS 1.0.1
Splunk Add-on for Windows infrastructure 1.4.1
Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows 4.8.4

What I am struggling with since there is no clear instruction set is how to get the data that is relevant to Active Directory. I have only been able to find Splunk® App for Active Directory (Legacy) documentation. Does any one have ideas to help me get the last few steps into providing this type of data for my customer?

Windows Server 2012 R2
16 Cores (Physical) 32 Cores (Virtual)
262 GB memory
Splunk 6.6.2

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I am not really a big fan of the MS addons. I would recommend to use Universal Forwarders, if possible. That's also what Splunk recommends these days (atleast what I heard in the last meeting): try to use a UF to get your data and if you can't, try to use an addon for the task.

What kind of logs are you trying to get? Event logs? There are quite a few examples in the documentation:


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