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Splunk Support for Active Directory: How to use GSS-API authentication rather than Simple-Auth


Splunk Version: 6.6.11
SA-ldapsearch App Version: 2.1.6 Build: 738


we have multiply domains in the forest and were able to connect to most domains using LDAP on 636 (TLS) using a Bind in DN-Format.
But with two domains we are not using Simple-Auth via TLS Port 636 but rather GSS-API without TLS on Port 389 (GSS will add an secure layer).

It seems the addon does not support this authentication at all because we always get the error message

"External search command 'ldaptestconnection' returned error code 1. Script output = "error_message= # host: XXXX.DC: Could not access the directory service at ldap://XXXX.DC:389: Invalid credentials for the user with binddn="". Please correct and test your SA-ldapsearch credentials in the context of domain="XXXX.DC" ""

But the credentials are definately correct and I am able to connect with various tools like LDP.exe or LDAPAdmin with the same settings without any problems.

How to make SA-ldapsearch use GSS-API with Port 389 on a DC using UPN-Username "" with and without SASL ?

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Have same problem too.
Have you found any solution or workaround?

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