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Splunk Fundamental Module 4 Lab

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After uploading the 3 files as per the instructions, I am supposed to see my events but there is nothing on the page even when I am logged in as admin or power user. 

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Same here...uploaded 3 files into Splunk w/o issue but they don't appear as having been so as nothing to search upon.  Expanded data to "all time" as well.

Ed in Tampa


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Ok, found an email address to Splunk Education team ( ...and submitted my question; here is the response:

"Hello Ed,

You may proceed to the next module/lab. The information indicating the number of events to indexed does not appear on this page in this version of Splunk.

Mike Halladay

IOD Technical Support Engineer"

I have since been able to perform a search & find data from these 3 lab files.  BTW, I'm running the Windows version on my desktop.

Hope this helps somebody, I could have used this guidance last week.

Ed in Tampa


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try to expand your timerange and if you don't specify the index name splunk automatically puts your data on the index=main.



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