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Splunk Enterprise trial - Http Event Collector not working


I've installed the splunk enterprise trial. i've enabled the HEC feature as described here which enable to send machine data from my app into splunk. I tried to send a POST request using postman to splunk and got no response.

method: POST
url : http://localhost:8088/services/collector
Authorization : my generated token

why there is no response if i already enabled the HEC feature. it seems that no server listen on that port at all

what i don't understand about splunk is - where is my data stored? is data for SPLUNK ENTERPRISE stored only locally and should be in use inside companies LAN network ? or splunk own servers in the cloud that stored all my data? is Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud have differences on that subject?

thank you for your help.


Re: Splunk Enterprise trial - Http Event Collector not working


hello, This issue may be due to url.. try http://localhost:8088/services/collector/raw


refer below steps for Splunk Enterprise version :

Create an Event Collector token
To use HEC, you must configure at least one token.

Click Settings > Data inputs
Click HTTP Event Collector.
click New Token
Enter name=abc
click next
click Create a new index
Enter Index Name=abc
from dropdown select abc i.e default index =abc
same way select abc from Select Allowed Indexes option
click review
click submit
keep that Token Value with you ..

Enable HTTP Event Collector
Click Settings > Data Inputs.
Click HTTP Event Collector.
Click Global Settings.
click Enabled
then clear all checked boxes and select default index =abc
click save

Now go to Postman :

Select POST method
url : http://localhost:8088/services/collector/raw
select Headers tab : key =Authorization and value = Splunk <your token>
in the body tab : select raw and write your message
click send

Now in the splunk search for : index="abc"

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