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Spath with path set by field


I have a JSON object that has IP addresses as keys like the following

     "" : { ... },
     "" : { ... }

I'm passing spath a client IP (say client_ip="" for this example), and want to access it as follows:

| spath input=<IP JSON object> output=out path=<client_ip>{}

How would I go about phrasing this in Splunkish? I'm essentially looking to dereference my client_ip field.

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Your problem is particularly tricky because your keys are IP addresses, and hence contain dots.

I had a similar problem to you and managed to solve my case, but when I tried to apply the same solution to your data it didn't work, and the extra complication is the dots within the field names.

For the benefit of anyone else who stumbles across this question with keys that do not contain dots, here is search that demonstrates the solution:

| stats count | eval _raw="{ \"key1\":{ \"name\" : \"server1\" }, \"key2\":{ \"name\" : \"server2\" } }" | eval extract_key="key2" | spath | eval desired_name=spath(_raw, extract_key.".name")

(Obviously instead of the stats count and eval _raw you'd be searching an index to get your _raw data.)

The magic is that the spath() eval function can accept a variable for its second argument. By contrast the spath command cannot accept a variable for the path - it treats unquoted paths as literals.

However, changing "key1" and "key2" to IP addresses in the above example breaks it. The problem is that spath uses dots as fieldname separators so when passing an IP address to the spath eval function it looks for a top level object called "10" with a nested object called "10" with a nested object called "1", etc.

To summarise, because dots are separators it's impossible to search for field names containing dots with spath, but it IS possible to "dereference" a field as long as no fields on the path to it contain dots.


The problem with dots in field names is also covered by this question.

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Years later and I come across this problem as well thanks.

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