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Simple text file suddenly (but thoroughly) being ignored

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I've got this little file Oracle appends a row to every hour, and it stopped being monitored mysteriously sometime around the last logrotate (near as I can tell). Now it's not updating, or updating haphazardly. Here's what the file looks like:

10-01-12:08:47:02,         0,         0,         2,         6,       106,         2
10-01-12:08:48:01,         0,         0,         2,         6,       106,         2
10-01-12:08:49:01,         0,         0,         2,         6,       106,         2

Heady stuff, I know. Anyhow, Splunk was indexing that file well enough and now it isn't. Currently, my inputs.conf stanza for it looks like this:


recursive = true



I've tried crcSalt to no avail. I even tried to disable followTail but in the log it said TailingProcessor: starting at offset whatever... and continued to not do what I wanted.

Is there a way to "reset" the entries resulting from this stanza and force a re-index? And why did it die?

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