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Search result JSON all fields not being extracted

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I have a JSON within my search results whose fields are not being extracted all.
More specifically, a single field within that JSON is much longer than others - 40k characters, other are all under 50 characters. When I try to query any field which is above the long one in specific JSON, I do get a result. However, if I query any fields which is below the long one, no results are returned. Example:
I can query by field1 and field2 but not long_field and field4. Also, when I add "| fields *" to the query, only field1 and field2 would be among "Interesting fields" select or the results table.

The JSON itself is roughly 30-35 KB in size.

What could be the possible reason for such behavior?

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You might be hitting the max character limits.
The default is near to 10K characters.

Please update the limits.conf.
Do create a limits.conf in your app local directory otherwise it will update the entire Splunk environment
Path - /splunk_home/etc/apps/your_app/local/limits.conf

Please try and let us know the outcome,

 maxchars = <integer>
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Setting it to 100.000 did not help (message is under 40.000 chars).

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Set kv_mode=JSON on the sourcetype definition in props. Do not rely on kv_mode=AUTO

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Tried, did not help.

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How is spath result?

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I'm not quite sure what is the question here?

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