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Reindex old data from zip files

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I am trying to recover log data that has aged out of the Splunk index.
I have access to the original log files, they have been individually zipped, one log file per zip file. When our archive script did this originally, Splunk was smart enough to not re-index them. Now I want to re-index them as new files.

I have created a new recovery directory, added a new monitor to inputs.conf, and set crcSalt

disabled = 0
crcSalt = <SOURCE>
index = ms_iis
sourcetype = ms:iis:default

This all works fine with new test file, even a zip file, but when I copy one of the old zipped log files, they are not indexed.
If I unzip the log file, it is indexed correctly.
I have a lot of logs to ingest. How can I get Splunk to re-index them without unzipping them?

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Instead of reindexing can you try restoring archive data. Refer below document:

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