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Recursively monitor files in current directory and subdirectories upto a specified maxDepth

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Is it possible to recursively monitor the files in a directory tree but only till a specified maxDepth?
Example: I have a stanza in inputs.conf which says [monitor://A/B/]
I want to monitor directories /A/B/C, /A/B/D
I don't want to monitor directories /A/B/C/X or /A/B/D/Y

Basically, anything which is deeper than 2 levels inside /A/B should not be monitored. Is it possible to implement this?

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Lots of ways. You don't need recursion for this, just wildcarding to the desired depth.

Alternately, you could also just blacklist anything beyond the requested depth, if that is easier to specify.

I don't play with those much, but that might look something like this...

 blacklist: //A/B/*/.../* 
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Maybe be explicit about what you want to monitor and set recursive = false....

I just don't see a depth parameter in Edit inputs.conf

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