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Props.conf EXTRACT stopped working after stanza change



This morning, i have changed the configuration of an inline extraction in props.conf.
The original Extraction (this worked):

EXTRACT-sourcedata = (?<containers>(?<=containers\/).*?(?=_)).(?<namespace>.*(?=_)).(?<service>.*(?=-)) in source

I then changed the extraction to this:

EXTRACT-sourcedata = (?<containers>(?<=containers\/).*?(?=_)).(?<namespace>.*(?=_)).(?<service>.*(?=-)) in source

because the inputs.conf file defines the sourcetype as follows ...

sourcetype = docker_json
disabled = 0

..., this should work.
however, the change did not work. I proceeded to undo said change, yet the old extraction stopped working as well.

Why is that? Does it take time for splunk to apply inline extractions?

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I have found the answer as to why the old extraction didn't work:

despite that inputs.conf defines the input as follows:


the stanza in props.conf has to be as follows:


I apologise for above error also being present in the working version above.
However, that does not explain why the new extraction (using the sourcetype) does not work.

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At risk of stating the obvious, but:
- did you deploy the config in the right place (your search head(s))?
- you're not rewriting the sourcetype to something else at index time?
- no conflicting configs due to previous attempts? (e.g. check with btool)

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