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Props and transforms: Order of execution of transforms for multiple stanza?

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AS per props.conf documentation

  • Use a comma-separated list to apply multiple transform stanzas to a single

    TRANSFORMS extraction. Splunk applies them in the list order. For example,
    this sequence ensures that the [yellow] transform stanza gets applied
    first, then [blue], and then [red]:
    TRANSFORMS-colorchange = yellow, blue, red

But I have an issue whereby I cannot put all the 3 transforms in single stanza.

 [source::color_logs] # say this assigns a yellow_colored_logs  sourcetype
TRANSFORMS-colorchange = yellow
TRANSFORMS-zcolorchange = blue,red

Will the above order work? So basically my question is will splunk handle transforms on serial order if I put in multiple stanza?

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Hi koshyk,
I suggest to use one method to transform your logs (e.g. sourcetypes)

 TRANSFORMS-zcolorchange1 = blue,red
 TRANSFORMS-zcolorchange2 = blue,yellow
 TRANSFORMS-zcolorchange3 = red,yellow

testing order.


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@cusello thanks for that. I will test and let you know. Meantime, I will upvote and if its successful I will mark as answer

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