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No data being received form syslog server

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New Splunk environment just stood up. All was working well on Friday, came back after the weekend and now getting an alert indicating that the searchhead is not recieving data from some Windows hosts. Any ideas would be welcomed. I am new to Splunk. Thanks

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Hi dharvey32,
it's easy to say: search any configuration difference occurred in week-end!
Anyway, verify is all the working conditions are still correct:

  • search index=_internal host=one_of_the_missed_host has results?
  • connection between the missed hosts and Indexers is still open? (from missed hosts: telnet indexer_ip 9997)
  • forwarder is active in the missed hosts?
  • if you have a Deployment Server check deployed apps and server classes


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

What's the splunk architecture, is it distributed or clustered?

Did you check if the forwarders are sending data?

Is the Indexer receiving forwarder's internal logs?

On forwarder:

./splunk list forward-server ----------------- (check if the indexer to which logs are being forwarded is listed here)

./splunk list monitor ---------------- (Check the specific logs are being monitored)

./splunk list inputstatus ----------------- (Check the logs have been read 100%)

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How are you collecting data from the syslog-server? You using a Universal Forwarder?
- ensure the collection UF is up and running
- Check for the inputs.conf which is used to collect these and post in your query

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