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Multi-select input populate all users with a certain attribute.

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I have a Dashboard for viewing activity from suspicious accounts. I currently use a multi-select input where I am running a report to find suspicious accounts. I want to by default view activity for all of the suspicious accounts. I can't use the * for the "all" selection because it would show the activity for every user, not the subgroup of "suspicious users". Is there a way to have the dashboard auto-populate with data for all users that show up on the report?

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If you are doing it right, you can use *. You should have a "suspicious users" lookup file like this:

index="YouShouldAlwaysSpecifyAnIndex" AND sourcetype="AndSourcetypeToo" AND [|inputlookup suspicous_users_lookup.csv | table user]
| search $multiselect_token$
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You can achieve this using javascript. Check below XML and code. Here you have to write additional search which provides the suspicious Accounts. Check id=suspiciousAccountsSearch in XML. Which will be used for setting up default value of multi select.


<form script="status_dashboard.js">
  <search id="suspiciousAccountsSearch">
    <query>| makeresults count=5 | eval a=2 | accum a | eval user="user".a | table user</query>
  <label>Default Multi Select</label>
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="multiselect" token="AccountsDropdown" id="AccountsDropdown">
        <query>| makeresults count=10 | eval a=1 | accum a | eval user="user".a</query>
      <delimiter> </delimiter>


var deps = [
 require(deps, function(mvc) {

     var idSelectIndex = mvc.Components.get('AccountsDropdown');
     var allValues = [];

     var idSearchSelectIndex = mvc.Components.get("suspiciousAccountsSearch");
     var idSearchSelectIndex_results ="preview");
     idSearchSelectIndex_results.on("data", function() {

          $.each(, function( index, value ) {
            console.log(index, value)

         // idSelectIndex.render();


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