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LAN to LAN forwarding

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We have several computers we are monitoring with splunk. We need to include two new computers within our department that are on separate LANS and domains. Is it possible to use splunk to capture Windows Log security data from these two computers and have the information forwarded to a splunk enterprise installation that is on a different LAN and Domain? Is there any documentation that may help us institute such a setup?

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Unless I am totally missing the big picture here this is a pretty standard setup. Splunk recommends to use a agent called universal forwarder to get windows data from remote machines:

If the 2 new computers can reach the splunk enterprise installation over the network this should work. Monitoring the event log and the security log is not a problem.

1.) Set up a TCP data input on your splunk enterprise server (where the indexes are, 9997 is the standard port):

>> Documentation: Configure you inputs

>> Documentation: Get data from TCP and UDP ports

2.) Install the forwarder on the 2 computers configure them to send the data to your splunk enterprise:

>> Documentation: Deploy a Windows universal forwarder via the installer GUI

>> Documentation: Install a universal forwarder on a Windows server

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