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A developer made a change to the logging that they were managing. They added a new Key Value Pair and the results now have spaces ie Operation=Web Service Call: callABCService. Splunk Search is classifying this as Operation=Web. Is there a quick fix that I can make in Transforms or Props to work around this?

Thank you

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Is each KV pair on a line by itself? If so you can just do something like the following:


REPORT-bad_dev_format = kv-spaces


DELIMS = "\n","="

Otherwise paste a copy of an event and maybe we can suggest a transforms solution.

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Easiest way is to get the developer to quote their output. So Operation="Web Service Call: callABCService".

I have a similar problem, but with a product I can't change the logging on, so any other advice would be wonderfully helpful.

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Whats the rest of the raw event look like ?

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