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JSON line breaking- How do I get rid of the ]?


Hi Team I have a JSON file as below :-

[{"entityId":null,"entityType":"Account.AccountRequest","accessedByUser":"","milestone":"Approval","comment":"Bank Account Manager approved this request. Comments: ","commentType":"MilestoneApproval","when":"2022-07-26T06:10:43.91Z","id":30},{"entityId":null,"entityType":"Account.AccountRequest","accessedByUser":"","milestone":"Approval","comment":"Bank Account Manager approved this request. Comments: ","commentType":"MilestoneApproval","when":"2022-07-26T06:10:43.91Z","id":30},{"entityId":null,"entityType":"Account.AccountRequest","accessedByUser":"","milestone":"A task was completed","comment":"Prepare SAP Config Docs","commentType":"MilestoneGeneric","when":"2022-07-26T06:10:43.907Z","id":29},{"entityId":null,"entityType":"Account.AccountRequest","accessedByUser":"","milestone":"A task was completed","comment":"Prepare SAP Config Docs","commentType":"MilestoneGeneric","when":"2022-07-26T06:10:43.907Z","id":29}]

I am using the pattern while testing and reviewing the events :-

This breaks everything fine but the last line which has the closing ]



How to get rid of the ] at the end of the JSON array?

Kindly request you'll to guide me.Many thanks in anticipation.

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Use SEDCMD to remove the unwanted character.

SEDCMD-rmbracket = s/\]$//
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