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Issue with deployment app creation


To create a deployment app I create a directory under the deployment-apps using the mkdir command say "def". Under this folder I also created a subdir lets say "abc".
But I am unable to run the command "reload deploy-server" (also tried just "splunk reload deploy-server") to make the deployment server aware of them . It gives me an error "reload: Unknown job: deploy-server".

I am also unable to find the app in forwarder management.
The forwarder management displays "One or more apps are still being downloaded. Please refresh later to see up-to-date status of those apps". What should I do?

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The Splunk command that you need to run is this:

$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk reload deploy-server 

Do you have a functioning Deployment Server as a baseline or is this the first time configuring anything? Did you configure serverclass.conf and the other critical things here?

Maybe you should start from scratch here:

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