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Why do some logs stop forwarding while others continue ?

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In our environment, our application logs all go to a single log folder divided by application.



My monitor stanza is very simple...

index = apps
blacklist = (weblogic)
whitelist = \.(log|txt|out)$

For some reason, every day from 1000 to 1500, the app2.log stops being indexed. The log itself is being updated on the server, those updates just aren't being indexed during the 5 hour window. All the other app logs on the same server continue indexing all day. Has anyone ever seen this behavior before?

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Re: Why do some logs stop forwarding while others continue ?


So you have 3 files and only 2 are send all the time? How quick are thes files growing?

Default is in de outputs.conf
maxConnectionsPerIndexer = 2

The forwarder will only send 2 files a the same time. As long the UF didn’t reach EOF of a file, it won’t switch to another file.
No EOF can be caused by several options

  • File is very big (GB's)
  • Network connection is slow/full, so can't get data out.
  • etc.

You could change the setting too:
maxConnectionsPerIndexer = 4

See if this helps

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