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Is there anyway to generate and store CSV files in a specific folder of a server


I'm running a report which will trigger email with csv attachment.

Here , I want to store all those csv files to a specific folder in server directly , without manual intervention,

Found some options in splunk like using outputcsv or outputlookup, But these are storing results in default directories.

Struggling to find the best solution on this, Is any one can help on this.

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Hi @kirrusk,
the outputcsv folder is fixed and it isn't possible to change it.

You have two ways to solve your problem:

  • create a scheduled shell script that moves the files from $SPLUNK_HOME/var/run/splunk/csv to your folder;
  • modify a Splunk python script, but you must have a deep knowledhe of Splunk to do this so I don't hint this method!


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