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Is there any current documentation on how to add network nodes to Splunk to gather data?

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I recently started a new job and used Splunk at my old one. I know the power of Splunk and know it will be useful for my new job. We have downloaded the free version to see how much data we are processing to determine which version of Splunk we will need, I just am having a hard time getting it setup. Is there any current documentation or videos on how to add your network nodes to Splunk to gather data? A lot of what I am seeing is 5+ years outdated.

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Splunk Employee

I'm not sure where you're seeing 5 year old information, this document is regularly updated, and gives a very thorough explanation of what and how to gather data.

If you are after Network sources specifically, you should refer to

If you have a particular technology you are monitoring (for example, Cisco Switches), you should search to see if there is an existing Add-On for gathering your data.

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what do you mean network nodes?
if you want to index server data, just install a universal forwarder.
if you want to index network appliances data (e.g firewall, LB, etc) depending on the vendor/tech most likely you'll be using syslog to send data to Splunk.
if you want to get data from DBs, just install Splunk DB Connect.
if you want to get wire data, just use Splunk Stream.

Hope I was able to help you. If so, some karma would be appreciated.
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