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Is there a way to use an external list file to whitelist or blacklist hosts in serverclass.conf?

Is there a way to use external lists with whitelist filtering? For example if I had systems A and B with several hosts, could I create a list like hosts.txt and then refer to that list and its content? Something like below:

whitelist.0 = hosts.txt systemB



Thanks for any help!

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Path Finder

I use this for managing a large number of hosts. In one case I temporarily used it with up to a nine thousand host entries.

Entry in the serverclass.conf

whitelist.from_pathname = etc/system/local/host.txt
restartSplunkd = 1


AFAIK, you can't do that for serverclass.conf

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Thanks Lisa,

Do you know if that kind of a feature is added to Splunk in the future? It would make managing the serverclass.conf (and other confs too) a lot more easier if hosts could be centrally grouped.

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