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Is there a dbconnect alternative that doesn't consume so much license?


Is there an alternative to dbconnect for getting RDBMS data into Splunk?
I'm having some errors due to moving the data because my DB keeps changing, and the data in Splunk is not always up to date.
Also, I can't keep indexing all the data because this is consuming a lot of license.


The best option will be running scripts and just looking for the changed bits and sending to Splunk though HEC (or writing to file and monitoring). then dedup on the "unique key" in your data will give you all unchanged old records + changed new records. However, there is no out of the box solution for this other than dbconnect


Use the Rising Column feature of DB Connect to index only new data and save on your license.
Another option is to write your own modular input that uses JDBC to read the database the way to want to.

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yea the rising column should work, unless there isn't one then don't know what to do

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@davel1333: If you don't want to consume licence or store data, then you can use dbquery command.

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Depends. Which DB are we talking about?

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