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Is there a REST API call to automate having the Distributed Management Console display any new indexers I have added to an indexer cluster?


When adding a new indexer to my indexer cluster, the Distributed Management Console doesn't show it in the instances view. I have to go to DMC > settings > General Settings and click on the apply changes button to make it happen. Before clicking on the "Apply changes", the new indexers are shown as status "new", while after clicking on the button, they are shown as "configured".

Is there a REST API call to do this? I would like to automate this.

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By default the indexers should be added to the DMC console as the DMC server is a search head to indexer cluster.

you can try https://localhost:8000/debug/refresh/ on the DMC server or restarting splunk on DMC.

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Thanks, we tried both of those things, but manual administrator intervention is still needed to set the Monitoring Console to 'Distributed mode', to set the roles of the new splunk boxes, and to apply the changes. Does anyone know an API call to automate this?

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I have same problem. Did you figured out somehow?

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