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Is it safe to use a 6.5.2 universal forwarder with a 6.5.1 indexer?

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I would like to deploy the latest 64-bit Windows forwarder (6.5.2) but we are still at 6.5.1 for our indexers.

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As @somesoni2 mentioned its probably best practice to keep everything at the same version, but the important line from the link reads:

A universal forwarder that is version 6.0 or later can send data to a Splunk Enterprise indexer that is version 5.0 or later

In our environment I have several hundred universal forwarders running 6.5.2 forwarding to a 6.5.0 index cluster with no issues.

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It's recommended (for best practices) that indexers should be at same or higher version as the forwarder, for best results, but since both are same major version, I don't see any issues in that. For more info on the restrictions, see this.

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Fascinating -

alt text

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