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Is it possible to send host grouping information from a forwarder?


In an inputs.conf I can define a forwarder's host field which I can use in searches. Identifying a single host is not always enough, e.g., we have build servers, source code management servers, filers etc. to monitor - a kind of grouping would come in handy in order to limit searches to a certain group of hosts. We could do that by maintaining lists and using them as look-ups, but I was wondering whether there's the possibility to achieve that on the forwarder with just configuration. Example:

inputs.conf on host A:


inputs.conf on host B:


I want to be able to search for something like

search host=* group="build_servers" sourcetype="df" ... | ...

Is there a way to do this?

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Splunk records pretty limited information per-event; your best bet would be to either have a lookup field (which you mentioned may not work), filters as a set of macros or eventtypes (again, based on static info), or to have it built-in to one of the default metadata-scraped fields:

  • Have it built-in to the "host" field (ex: have domain portions of the FQDN identify grouping)
  • Have it built-in to the "source" field (ex: prefix/suffix source value with a tag - I've seen this done where we had "grouping" built-in to the directories of the log files we were scraping)
  • Have it built-in to the "sourcetype" field (entirely dependent on your environment, but I'd generally prefer to have slightly broader sourcetypes)
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I almost suspected that. Thanks for summarizing my options ... "host" and "source" won't work because those are outside my jurisdiction (I don't own the monitorees) and I agree, abusing "sourcetype" for that purpose would harm "sourcetype" as a more or less well-known concept in my Splunk deployment.

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