Getting Data In

Is it possible to send all data from Splunk Light to Splunk Cloud?


i want to use splunk universal forwarder to send all data to one instance of splunk ligth locally and then use another mechanism to send all data collected to splunk cloud, without the need for each client to go to the cloud, because my bandwidth is very small and I just want to use splunk ligth server to be the only one to carrying the data in to splunk cloud. is this possible????
someone have this scenery?

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Hello @tomasnelson

I believe your current question tells that you want to convert your Splunk Light to a Heavy Forwarder.

Kindly check out this link below:

As the poster said "Splunk Light doesn't appear to allow him/her to point it to a remote master license server", (I personally haven't tried this before) your best bet is to convert your Splunk Light to a Splunk Enterprise License to be able to convert your instance as a Heavy Forwarder.

Hope it helps!


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