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Is it possible to configure zoom or Teams add-on on IDM ?


We are setting up Splunk RWI solution and have been request by the Splunk engineer to open ports 4443 and 4444 to allow comms to on-prem HF from their respective public endpoint URLs for Zoom and Teams data.

Given that both are cloud based data sources, I was wondering why this cant be done straight on the IDM itself ?

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Maybe because it's easier to open ports in an on-prem instance than in the cloud. You should ask the engineer.
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As far as I know the add-on should be Splunk Cloud supported in order to work on IDM. Both the Zoom addon and the Teams addon seem to be Cloud supported. I think you should be able to request an install of these addons on your IDM at Splunk support. Then you can configure the inputs on IDM I suppose.

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Willem Jongeneel 

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