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Installing the same Splunk License on multiple Master instances


I'm currently trying to solve a Fail-Over licensing solution between to Server sites.

I currently have one License setup as a Master with all other Splunk instances setup as slaves (even all instances from the other server site) to that Master licence and configured into pools.

What Id like to do is copy the same Splunk license to the other site to one of the Slaves, so if the current master on the other site goes down for some reason, then I can simply install the same license on the other server site and have my slaves switch to that instead...

I'm not sure how legal this is, but any other workarounds would be appreciated as well, even if I can split the license into two that would be cool as well...

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Hi Dark_ichigo,

there is no need to so. Take a look at the swap the license master docs. This should give you a picture, how it should be done in case of any license master troubles. You have 24 hours to bring back the master, before you are no longer able to search. Should be long enough to bring back any small VM acting as license master.

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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