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Installed Universal Forwader 7.1 - splunk showing “No users exist. Please set up a user.”


We noticed for newly install splunk Universal forwarder 7.1 we are unable to connect as user admin, and splunk was showing error “No users exist. Please set up a user.”

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Starting Splunk Version 7.1 splunk has made changes to way the default admin account is created. Once of the key change is when you When you start the forwarder for the first time under most conditions, it prompts you to create an admin password. Like

This appears to be your first time running this version of Splunk.

An Admin password must be set before installation proceeds.
Password must contain at least:
* 8 total printable ASCII character(s).
Please enter a new password:

See in Securing Splunk for additional information about creating a secure password.

Also refer :

When you install the universal forwarder, you must create a password for the Splunk admin user. The installer does not create a password for the user. Think of a password and be ready to supply it when you perform the installation. If you do not supply a password during a silent installation, the universal forwarder can install without any users defined, which prevents login. You must then create a user-seed.conf file to fix the problem and restart the forwarder.

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Same for me, use the --seed-passwd and it says no user exists (should be the default password for admin set that way)

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This doesn't work for me. I used the splunk start --accept-license --answer-yes --no-prompt --seed-passwd <your password> example and got no errors, but I still get No users exist. Please set up a user. message when trying to install apps.

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