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Hey Guys,

I found a few answers regarding my question but I'm still not sure how to handle this situation.
I want to index compressed csv files which are in a *.gz format right now.

My inputs.conf for the forwarder looks like this:

sourcetype = db2:logs
index = db2
followTail = 0

Following the documentation here Splunk is able to index compressed files and is decompressing them while indexing. Do I understand this correctly that in this case no more configuration is needed?

The invalid_cause, unarchive_cmd and unarchive_sourcetype options in the props.conf are making me unsure about that.
If i still have to use them, do they need to be on the indexer or aswell in the forwarder app?

Thanks for getting things straight.


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For sourcetype "db2:logs" is there any configuration required.., Should we have to mention anything for index extraction

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Ditch the followTail setting and you are good-to-go. You do not need to configure the unarchiving for *.gz files; Splunk knows what to do for those.

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