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I want to (index and) forward (to a syslog endpoint) some data that goes into a particular index on my indexer cluster.

These indexers mainly do not run inputs over and above the splunktcp://9997 listener as the data arrives at these indexers from universal forwarders and has in some cases already passed through a heavy forwarding layer, and some is direct to the indexers.

To begin with, I want to index all data and forward none (where I am now)
I want to change to indexing all data and also forwarding all data.
Then I want to index some data and forward all data (reducing what is indexed to a list of regex matches).

I don't quite know how to make sense of the INDEXANDFORWARD routing keys, they state I need to declare "INDEXANDFORWARDROUTING=local" for my inputs, but in most cases, my inputs are not local.

Also, are there any good examples of how to use INDEXANDFORWARD based on props/transforms matches ?

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Splunk Employee

Index and forward will not forward data in syslog format. It will forward it as Splunk Cooked data, meaning that only a Splunk HF / Indexer on the other end can process the feed.

If you truly want to forward to a 3rd party receiver, I'd look at the CEF App for Splunk ( There is a custom command included that you can use to format and send messages in syslog format out of Splunk to a 3rd party receiver.

The other option is here :

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One of the reasons we want to do this is that we don't want to index all the data that we've brought in using our UFs. As a result, I don't think the CEF app can help us.

We want to send some of a particular sourcetype to a syslog destination.
we want to
First - Index all of it AND forward all of it.
Second - Index a small amount of it AND forward all of it

I think this means we need some content based filtering and I currently have this setup:
type = tcp
server = syslog
timestampformat = %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%3N%z

index = true
selectiveIndexing = true

TRANSFORMS-filtering = 1-forward-all-data,6-Index-bits-of-it

FORMAT = Sendtosyslog_dest

FORMAT = local
REGEX = (?msi)\"?(some|regex|matches|for|data)\"?

I've heard two things which make me question whether to continue on this tack.
1. That I shouldn't be trying to do this on an indexer, I should only be trying to do this on a 'heavy forwarder'
2. That I can only do this with splunktcp type 'cooked' data - as opposed to syslog format. In some cases (we have a HF layer in place) the data is arriving with us already parsed.

Having said that, this sort of seems to be working (I haven't done exhaustive testing).

Can someone answer the 2 questions at the end ?


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