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I want to publish a formatted .csv via email in splunk

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Hi Team,

I have well formatted data into a .csv, just I have publish the data(.csv) as it is on email in well color format.

What approach shall I use in splunk(like Dataset, lookups or anything)

Aslam Sayyed

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CSVs don't have any "formatting" - that is entirely up to whatever tool you use (eg Excel) to render.

In fact, there is no way to encode "format" in a CSV - it's just a text file (

Therefore, you have about two options:

  • export a PDF of your report/dashboard
  • export a CSV, import into a tool like Excel, and reformat
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Sorry I think, I confused you.
I have a comma separated .csv on my Linux prod server.
My question :
1. How shall I send that comma separated .csv file onto splunk.
2. Post I want to send the .csv data over email(in html format or color format)
So could you please let me know how shall I achieve the above two scenarios in splunk.
Appreciate your response.

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There is no such thing as a "formatted" CSV file

You can get a CSV into Splunk in one of a few ways:

  • get the UF to monitor it
  • upload it as a lookup
  • ssh it to the SH as a lookup
  • post it to the HEC with a script
  • one-shot it via the web UI or command line
  • etc etc etc

Once you've got it available to Splunk, you could manipulate it into a panel on a dashboard, and then schedule PDF delivery of that dashboard

But you can't "html format or color format" a CSV

A CSV is a text file

There is no "formatting" in it

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