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I am not able to send logs to 2 different indexer

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I have a setup, where I have one production indexer and another one is development indexer. I want all the data to be flown into production and specific set of data to be flown into development indexer.

THe splunk architecture is UF>HF> IDX.

I see that one source type( ping:directory) is able to send the data to both the indexer, while the other one(inventory:a10) is sending data only to production not into development.

There are 2 indexers which are in a different cluster environment.
Indexer1 : Lewisville_Indexers
Indexer2 : DevIndexer

These are the configurations set up we have made on our environment.

UF : inputs.conf

disabled = 0
index = inventory
sourcetype = inventory:a10
crcSalt =
initCrcLength = 1048576

disabled = 0

HF : props.conf






defaultGroup = Lewisville_Indexers,DevIndexers

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I would like to send it to 2 different indexers not index.

I see that one of the source type is going to production indexer but not on the development indexer. Though I have one of the other source type going to both with the same configuration, So i am little confused with this.

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