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HttpEventCollectorLogbackAppender - How do I configure it to verify certs?


I can send events to Splunk cloud and Splunk Enterprise servers with HttpEventCollectorLogbackAppender, but with SSL not enabled.

I need to do this with SSL Enabled for my HEC connection.  I need to send events over a secure connection from my java application to Splunk Enterprise. I need to configure my HttpEventCollector to verify certs.

How do I configure my HttpEventCollectorLogbackAppender to use a certificate?
I only see code examples wit 
How do I specify verify with my certificate?  Have you a code example please?
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I'm not a java guru, but from what I see in the sources, if you don't set the disabling option, the HttpEventCollectorSender creates a httpSharedClient which should just use default java SSL mechanisms (socket factory, trust manager and so on). By default it should on its own simply verify peer's certificate validity using default java truststore.

I don't see at first glance however whether you can force the sender to present a client certificate to the server for authentication.

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