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How to troubleshoot why a data input script inside an app is not running?



I have a script that I want to put inside the appName/bin dir inside a specific app.

Previously, the script was inside the splunkHome/bin and it works perfectly and in that app, I configured the inputs.conf and the default.meta accordingly to the script.

The problem is that when I moved the script from the splunkHome/bin dir to the appName/bin dir, I changed the inputs.conf and the default.meta again, but the script that previously gave me some results, now results don't appear.

I already saw this link:

But it didn't help.

Anyone please.... Thanks

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Hi joao_amorim,

first, try to run the script manually in the new location:

 $SPLKUNK_HOME/bin/splunk cmd python $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/YourAppName/bin/

assuming it's a python script.

If this shows no error but still does not work, add some logging functions to your script - see the docs for more details about this
Don't be confused that this link talks about modular inputs; the method of logging is the same for scripted or modular input.

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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Ok i will try that.

Actually my script is a .ksh so i will try and then i will let you know.


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@MuS do you know how to run a .ksh script in splunk?? Because I don't figure it out and already tried a lot of possibilities but no luck at all.

Best regards

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