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How to setup a channel to send raw data to HTTP event collector?


Hi, please let us know how to setup a channel GUID for HTTP event collector to send raw data

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You just need to genereate a GUID.
you can use any 'guid generator' tool to do so - an online version like this will do then you can just use that guid in your POST/GET:

curl https://http-inputs-<customer>  -H "X-Splunk-Request-Channel: FE0ECFAD-13D5-401B-847D-77833BD77131" -H "Authorization: Splunk BD274822-96AA-4DA6-90EC-18940FB2414C" -d '<raw data string>' -v



Thanks for this! The documentation isn't clear that this can be ANY guid, and isn't something generated by Splunk. Further, do note that this must be a true GUID - you cannot use any arbitrary string or number.

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Any programming language will have libraries for generating GUIDs as well

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