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How to route data from forwarders to separate indexes based on the source field when data is coming from single TCP port?


I have log data from multiple sources coming into a single TCP port in JSON format as below:

<01>- hostname {"name":"DefaultProfile","version":"1.0","isonjkpFormat":"yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ","type":"Event","category":"RT_FLOW_SESSION_CREATE_LS" [helps@2222. localis-compute-zxcv=\"ABC1\" application=\"UNKNOWN\" MKUNJI-application=\"UNKNOWN\" mnbhyujgt=\"UNKNOWN\"]","bgasbnJuh":"1","mnbIPOUN":"other","absIPPOL":"other","qweTgvfrt":"minj-bag6-7856ab-Hnqasui","abcPecpokk":"och-00-145-987.Net_11_4_5_6","mnbJhbpoiu":"other","source":"My application1","nhjRkyhcfBhytf":"MKI-PLO-ASW","thuHyrtfcQhbnjuytfv":""}

From this input, I want to forward the data to separate indexes based on the values for the source field.

Example: if source: application1, then send to index1, and so on.
Does the Splunk forwarder have this capability to extract a field and segregate the events to separate indexes on the indexer?

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Short answer
Universal Forwards can't inspect data. Heavy Forwarders (and Indexers) can.

Long answer
Use regex to parse the values of your JSON events and then redirect (override) accordingly to the right index.
See this:

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