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How to monitor Powershell Command Line history?


I enabled the powershell logging function on WinServer2k8 or Winserver2012 in following steps

create a default profile:


Add these to default profile.ps1 file

$LogCommandHealthEvent  =   $true   
$LogCommandLifecycleEvent   =   $true

Then I try executing a powershell command in powershell window,I can see this record in the event viewer.

alt text

Now ,I will use splunk forwarder push that to splunk , I created following inputs.conf stanza:

c:\program files\splunk forwarder\apps\splunk_TA_Windows\local\inputs.conf

[WinEventLog://Windows Powershell]

I also tried the following inputs


Splunk can't receive the PowerShell log,However, I can receive Windows Security log, so I think I might input Invalid stanza in inputs.conf and I can't find an error that related inputs from internal log

Who can tell me how to create inputs stanza correctly?

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Re: How to monitor Powershell Command Line history?


I've solved this problem. I found doc related it:

Note: Use the log properties' "Full Name:" to index. For example, to monitor Task Scheduler in Microsoft> Windows > TaskScheduler >Operational, right click on Operational and select properties. Use the "Full Name" to append to WinEventLog:// stanza:

So the correct configuration should is:

[WinEventLog://Windows PowerShell]
disabled = 0

I'm used to search wineventlog index, but these events are default indexed into the index main if you do not configure the index name.So

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