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How to make changes so that all logs should be indexed in a proper format?

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I am getting logs in Splunk. But the logs are in improper format. So I want to make changes so that all my logs should be indexed in a proper format.

Below are the format of the logs. Please help me regex in props & transforms.conf



2022-12-15T16:02:11+05:30 gd9017 msgtra.imss[26879]: NormalTransac#0112022 Dec 15 16:01:30 +05:30#0112022/12/15 16:01:31 +05:30#0112022 Dec 15 16:01:31 not transmitted to ICEGATE because of Negative ledger balance.#011103.83.79.99#011[]:25#011250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 619AE341807#011sent#01100100000000000000#0110#011#0112022 Dec 15 16:01:31 +05:30#0112022 Dec 15 16:01:31 +05:30#011#0113#011



Fields in the logs are time, computer, from, to, subjectline, attachment name


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What is improper about the current onboarding format?  What are the current props.conf settings?

There are several timestamps in the sample event.  Please identify the one to use for _time.  Similarly, please point out the computer, from, to, subjectline, and attachment name fields.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Just adding to richgalloway's comment:

- What is generating that log? You can most likely look up documentation of the field names of all the values in the log. Or you can ask the person managing the tech generating the log for more information.

- You will have to create a props and transforms conf files to extract the field pair values on the search head - it looks like the field values are delimited by the "#" sign. The link below can be used as a starting point:


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