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How to log REST API calls?



I am trying to debug Splunk REST API calls and need verbose logging of life cycle of that transaction on server side.

In this documentation:
it mentioned
'To log REST API calls to the splunkd.log file, set the special logger REST_Calls to -X DELETE0.'

Where and how to set REST_Calls ?

I tried following which definitely doesn't work

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk set log-level REST_Calls -level 'DELETE0'

I tired setting it up to DEBUG but that didn't give me much information related to my query.

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk set log-level REST_Calls -level 'DEBUG'

Any other way to turn on debugging ?

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Re: How to log REST API calls?


Setting the level for REST_Calls in http://localhost:8000/en-US/manager/search/server/logger?offset=450 tops out at DEBUG for me. Setting that significantly increases (zero to 100, basically) the logging for that component in splunkd.log.

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Re: How to log REST API calls?


You can do it through the CLI. I have this in my .bashrc on the splunk account so I can use the 'splunk' command anywhere:

    alias splunk=/opt/splunk/bin/splunk

Turn debug on:

    `$ splunk set log-level REST_Calls -level DEBUG`

Set it back:

    `$ splunk set log-level REST_Calls -level INFO`

See what it is set to:

    `$ splunk show log-level REST_Calls`

These are also available through the GUI:

    System settings » System logging » REST_Calls